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A memory of the old lady

A Memory of the Old Lady

As you may already know, the old lady has just retired. The first section of the cable car is being replaced by a new and modern gondola lift, which is now under construction. Many of you have shown a strong melancholy toward the old lift, so we decided to create a special memory in limited edition.

We will produce a special fragment of the traction rope, on which our gondolas have travelled for more than a half century. A small piece of a lift that after 50 years of honourable service has been replaced, not just because of the Cortina 2021 Ski World Championships, but also to give a certain continuity to the innovative spirit, which has always characterised the story of Freccia nel Cielo cable car since its foundation.

There will be just 250 pieces available. The price will be 95,00 € per piece.

The first pieces will be delivered in February 2020.

Frammento della fune portante a ricordo della vecchia prima tratta della funivia.  Frammento della fune portante a ricordo della vecchia prima tratta della funivia.


  • Length: 20 cm
  • Diameter: 6,4 cm

If you are interested in one of these special memories and you want to book it, or if you want simply some more info, send us an email to tofanacortina@freccianelcielo.com.