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The Società Tofana Srl Company manages the funicular lift complex called Tofana Freccia nel Cielo as well as the Col Drusciè and Ra Valles ski resorts. As far back as 1971, the Tofana Freccia nel Cielofunicular lift, with its three segments, was one of the most important cable lifts in Italy. The facility was built in to the rock so that it would not interfere with the majestic scenery, so the mountains remain visible. Subsequently it was renovated and innovated with all the technology and safety requirements outlined in the protocols that regulate these types of facilities. The first section of the funicular goes to Col Druscièat1778 m. the second segment goes to Ra Valles at 2470 m. the third section goes to Cima della Tofana di Mezzo (3244 m),the highest peak in Cortina d’Ampezzo.