Per aspera ad astra – Photo exhibition

Per aspera ad astra – Photo exhibition about the incredible story of the mountain guides of Cortina d’Ampezzo


This exhibition, which takes place at Cima Tofana 3244m, was born because Tofana Srl management wanted to create a special art installation for its fifty years of activity, which should also be a direct connection to the Ampezzo territory. After thinking about it for a while, here it was the perfect idea: a photo exhibition about Cortina mountain guides, the perfect union among the people, who built the cable car, the peaks that host it and obviously the Ampezzo inhabitants.

The told story begins from the birth of the Cortina guides, so with Grohmann who, once arrived in Cortina, fostered the creation of the role of the guide and of an association, which should unite them all, promoting also in this way mountain tourism and making more appreciate and loved the Dolomites to every tourist in the world. The firsts to accept Grohmann’s invitation were the chamois hunters, who chased their prey on the steepest rock walls. Then the guides grew in number and among them there are some respectful names, like Antonio Dimai, who climbed with Albert I, King of the Belgians, during his adventures in the Dolomites, or Angelo Dibona, the first one who conquered peaks also outside the Ampezzo territory. Celebrating their deeds and the adventures of some of their customers seemed to us the right homage to a century-old history, on the occasion of this important anniversary for us.

Alpinism has obviously evolved during the years, but Cortina guides stayed among the most famous in the world, also because the Dolomites have always been a yearned field of conquers, due also to their vertical asperities and to the alternation of chimneys, terraces, screes and peaks, from where the alpinist can truly say to have crossed difficulties to reach the stars. “Per aspera ad astra”.

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