The Astronomical Observatory “Helmut Ullrich”

With the first section of  Tofana – Freccia nel Cielo cable car, you will arrive to Col Druscié restaurant and to the Astronomical Observatory “Helmut Ullrich”.

In this observatory in the heart of the Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage, at 1.778 m a.s.l., you can find a modern Ritchey-Chretien telescope (40 cm of diameter) and a Schmidt Cassegrain telescope (28 cm of diameter). Both telescopes are used for the visual observation of the deep-sky, of the planets, the Moon and the Sun, and to record galaxies for the research of supernovae.

Hundreds of astronomy lovers, students and curious people visit every year the Observatory to admire from a privileged positionthe splendour offered by stars in the sky; with a clear and limpid sky with a low level of light pollution.

Info: (booking for the visit is required).

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