Bar Cima Tofana

Bar Cima Tofana

With the second stretch of the cable car, which is open only in summer, you can reach Bar Cima Tofana on the highest peak in Cortina: the Tofana di Mezzo at 3.244 m. From the arrival terrace you will be surrounded by one of the most beautiful 360° views of the Dolomites.

This meeting and refreshment area is open only in summer and offers sandwiches, drinks and anything a guest needs for a quick bite so they can dedicate their time to admiring and exploring the surrounding mountains in a place that is almost “spiritual”.

This place is well known and loved among free climbing fans, as a starting and arrival base for the various excursions available in the resort.

Don’t miss the evocative and spectacular experience of dawn from the Cima Tofana, which is organized several times throughout the summer. (see the schedule of events).

Info and reservations:
+39 0436 862372