Col Druscié Astro Ring

Col Druscié Astro ring

Col Druscié Astro Ring is the learning-nature trail that winds through the forests surrounding the Col Druscié. Its total length is about 1.5 km, for an altitude difference of about 70 metres. You can easily walk the entire loop in less than an hour.

The Path of the Planets

The Path of the Planets is the first part of the Col Druscié Astro Ring. It’s an easy walk to discover the solar system and its planets. Along the path that connects Pié Tofana with Col Druscié, you’ll find twelve 70×100 cm panels, with photos of the various planets and the sun, all set up in a scale of 1/10 billion, at distances reflecting their real dimension and position in the sky. Illustrations with key information and parameters that distinguish the various celestial bodies from one another make the Path of the Planets a walk that is out of the ordinary. After about one kilometre the walk ends up at the Helmut Ullrichastronomy observatory, where it is also possible to schedule a day to observe the Sun directly with special telescopes and filters that allow the viewer to admire its hidden secrets. It’s a route suited to everyone, and it takes about 30 minutes.

The Path of the Universe

The Path of the Universe, the second part of the Col Druscié Astro Ring, is a trail in the woods to the north-west of the hill. It’s about 500 m long and an easy walk. Maintaining the Col Druscié observatory as a point of reference, it leads the visitor on an ideal tour of the entire universe, both in space and time.
Along the path, 10 carefully placed instructive panels illustrate the main characteristics of stars, nebulae, masses and galaxies, all in a familiar scale of 1/10 billion, like the ones used on the Path of the Planets. The trail can be taken in either direction; from the base to the top, thus starting the imaginary voyage from the Big Bang, which represents the creation of the universe, up to modern times, then to the Sun, positioned at the observatory, or vice versa, with a route backwards in time and space.

Taking this extraordinary journey through forests of pine and larch trees surrounding the Col Druscié, the visitor gets a true sense of the actual dimensions of space and time that distinguish the solar system and the universe, in an easily understandable (1/10 billion) dimensional scale which ideally reduces the entire universe to a sphere that has the real dimensions of the solar system (10 thousand billion km), where Earth occupies a space the size of a grain of sand!

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