FAQ CoVid-19

Q&A for your Next Trip to Tofana

In the last year, we all have had to learn how to coexist with CoVid-19. Many aspects of our everyday-life have changed, as well as our way of working, travelling and living.

In the first place now, there is only one word, only one clear rule: SECURITY. In Winter, we had prepared to guarantee you a safe skiing holiday. Unluckily, the third wave burst out, not allowing us to open. We would have been so happy to show you our new four-seat chairlift, which is replacing two of the old lifts in Ra Valles area, and the new ski slope in Col Druscié area. We are still hopeful anyway, and we are already getting ready for next Summer, hoping that it will be a more and more Covid-free Summer.

Holidays might not be your priority right now, but we hope that you still haven’t lost your desire to dream distant or nearby places to explore when the pandemic is finally over. For this reason, we decided to answer here below to some of the many questions, which we are receiving.

Will the lifts be opened in next Summer season?

At the moment, we don’t have any certain information. Unluckily, the third wave is still on. We hope that in May the peak of the infections curve will be far away and we hope we will then be able to welcome you again on our lifts. Obviously, we will open only if we can offer the best security conditions to our customers and to our team. We honestly hope to be able to welcome you again as soon as possible. We really care about you and we really would like you to enjoy again soon the beauty of the Dolomites’ nature and also all the activities offered by Tofana.

Will the cabins have a normal capacity?

This is certainly a measure that needs to be discussed at a governmental level with the subjects involved. What we can promise you is that if we open, we will try to take any necessary measure needed to guarantee you a safe transport to the top, reducing also the capacity of our cabins, if necessary. We will also continue to sanitize the stations, the cabins and the halls several times per day, fully respecting the directives of the health authorities.

How are you going to make people respect the security distance during the tickets purchase and the boarding?

At the opening, extraordinary measures will be taken in that sense to guarantee you a totally safe experience, maintaining the right distance to let you peacefully buy your tickets and board on the cabin.

Can we buy the tickets online?

We are working on such a project right now, but for the moment, you can buy online the ski-passes of Dolomiti Supersummer, which can then be collected at the ticket boxes also in Cortina’s city centre.

If I buy the tickets and then another lockdown is decided, will I be refunded?

Info about ticket refunds can be found on Dolomiti Supersummer website.

Are all your restaurants going to open?

If there is the opportunity of opening Freccia nel Cielo lifts, we will obviously open also some of our restaurants, in which we will do our best to make guests respect the security rules that the Government will approve in the next months. We can’t wait to seeing you again in Masi Wine Bar al Druscié, tasting our wines and in Ristorante Col Druscié 1778 enjoying our delicacies.

Other doubts or questions?

Please do not hesitate to write us an email to info@freccianelcielo.com. All the sent questions won’t be published, but we will update this page with all the answers you think are useful for your trip.