FAQ CoVid-19

Q&A for next trip to Tofana

Finally, after a year and a half of forced standstill, we have had to learn to live with each other to coexist with CoVid-19. Many aspects of our everyday life have changed, as well as our way of working, travelling and living. 

In the first place now, there is only one word, only one clear rule: SECURITY. I We are preparing to guarantee you a safe skiing holiday with a new feature: our brand new four-seater chairlift, which is replacing two of the old lifts in Ra Valles area, and the new ski slope in Col Druscié area. 

We hope that holidays are starting to be one of your priorities.  we hope that you still haven’t lost your desire to dream distant or nearby places to explore when the pandemic is finally over. For this reason, we decided to answer here below to some of the many questions, which we are receiving.

Yes, our facilities will be open from 4 December 2021 and we will do so in complete safety. The openings will only be made under the best safety conditions for all users and for our team. We hope to welcome you all as soon as possible, because we care about you and we want you to be able to continue to enjoy the beauty of skiing in our Dolomite mountains and also all that our ski area has to offer. 

The cable cars and gondolas will have a capacity of 80%. We will also continue to sanitise all rooms, cabins and stations several times a day, in full compliance with the directives of the health authorities.  

How are you going to make people respect the security distance during the tickets purchase and the boarding? 

Yes, our restaurants Col Druscié Masi Wine Bar and Ra Valles will be open, and we will take care to ensure that the established safety standards are respected. We can’t wait for you to come back and enjoy the wines of the Masi Wine Bar at Druscié and the delicious dishes of the Ristorante Col Druscié 1778, and our pizza at Ra Valles.

To access the lifts the EU QR code covid certificate (proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus) is mandatory from the age of 12. The skipass, available online or at our selling points has to be activated daily with the EU QR code covid certificate. Additional, a surgical mask is compulsory on lifts with closed vehicles and the capacity on cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts with canopy will be reduced to 80 %. There is no limit for the number of skipasses, therefore the reservation is not required.   

You can buy the skipass online and if you do not have a smartphone or internet access, you can buy it at the points of sale or at accommodation facilities equipped with a skipass issuing system.

  • The ski pass can be activated on our website dolomitisuperski.com by matching the personal data (name, surname, date of birth and ski pass number) with the EU QR code covid certificate, which can be uploaded from the camera of your mobile phone. The procedure is valid for one day.
  • The skipass can be activated directly in the Dolomiti Superski app by loading the EU QR code covid certificate from the photo gallery or from the memory of the mobile phone and matching it to the skipass number stored in the skipass section of the app. The procedure is valid for one day and can be speeded up by storing the QR code locally on the mobile phone. Having the QR code stored on the phone the activation of the skipasses will only take a few clicks. Additionally, the app allows you to validate the skipasses of family members associated with your My Dolomiti profile, by matching their EU QR code covid certificate to their skipass number.
  • The skipass can be activated from the operators at our points of sale.
Once the skipass has been activated, access to the lifts is guaranteed for the whole day without any further checks. Happy skiing to all in the Tofane  Dolomites!

Please do not hesitate to write us an email to tofanacortina@freccianelcielo.com. All the sent questions won’t be published, but we will update this page with all the answers you think are useful for your trip.



We will be open for the winter season from December 06, 2021 until April 18, 2022.

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