Mappa sito invernale (1)

The Tofana Freccia nel Cielo cableway goes to the slopes in the Col Drusciè and Ra Valles resorts; the latter always relies on natural snow conditions and does not use artificial snow cannons.


  1. 46 Bus, red (medium)
  2. 48 Canalini, red (medium)
  3. 47 Cacciatori, blue (easy)
  4. 49 Ra Valles, blue (easy)
  5. 50 Variante, red (medium)
  6. 48 Canalini, red (medium)
  7. 51 Forcella Rossa, black (difficult)
  8. 41 Drusciè, black (difficult)
  9. 40 Drusciè blu, blue (easy)
  10. 42 Piè Tofana, blue (easy)
  11.  43 Muro de ra Cioures, blue (easy)
  12. 44 Stries,blue (easy)


The A slope in Col Druscie’ helped make Cortina d’Ampezzo famous on the world scene during the 1956 Olympics, when Tony Sailer won the special slalom ski race. The Tofana Freccia nel Cielo funicular lift and theBus Tofana chairlift carry skiers to an altitude of 2828 m, to the start of the longest slope in Cortina with a skiing altitude difference of 1604 m.
One of the strong points of the Tofana Freccia nel Cielo resort lies in the quality of its slopes. Expert snow cat operators groom the slopes every night, providing the skier with the chance to enjoy an exciting ski ride on two of the most challenging and spectacular slopes inCortina; or they can opt for a more mellow descent on one of the myriad blue and red runs in the resort.