Our affiliate Marmolada S.r.l. is a company founded in 1965 and operates the three cable cars in Marmolada: the first from Malga Ciapèla 1450 m leads to Coston d’Antermoja 2350 m; the second from Coston d’Antermoja 2350 m to Serauta 2950 m to continue with the third to the summit of Punta Rocca 3265m opposite Punta Penia, which at 3342 m is the highest peak in the Dolomites.

Serauta is home to the highest museum in Europe: Marmolada Grande Guerra 3000 m.

For more information go to the Funivie Marmolada website.

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we are open from December 8, 2023 to April 7, 2024