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Travel safety and rules

For us, your safety is very important, which is why we ask you to observe a few simple rules when you choose to travel with Tofana – Freccia nel Cielo.

In the interest of safety and smooth transportation, travelers are required to comply with all regulations regarding the operation and use of the gondola and cable car, to conform to the warnings of the staff in charge, and, in particular, to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Cooperate in ensuring that the transportation is carried out smoothly
  • Behave so as not to endanger people or cause any harm
  • Do not enter the stations or board the vehicle if staff are not present
  • Do not touch or operate emergency and warning devices
  • Do not cause the vehicle to sway in any way
  • Do not ride in the vehicle in an incorrect position
  • Do not damage the vehicles and stations
  • Do not throw objects from the vehicle
  • Do not smoke while traveling

Excluded from transportation are travelers who are obviously intoxicated, or in an abnormal psychophysical condition, travelers who are inadequately protected in relation to environmental climatic conditions, travelers carrying objects that prevent easy boarding of vehicles or that may in anyway compromise the safety of the facility and the safety of others.

To use the lifts, the traveler must have a ticket, which must be used in the manner provided by the reading and counting equipment passes; the price of the ticket includes the transport of skis and a small luggage not bulky, not exceeding the weight of 10 kg and not containing dangerous materials (explosive, toxic, polluting, etc.).

Large and medium-sized dogs must be leashed and muzzled; the same applies to small dogs, even when being carried. Dogs must always be under the control of their owners, who assume full responsibility for their dog’s actions (Decree May 11, 2017 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation).

Passengers are obliged to observe the rules issued by the competent Authority and the Management of the Company concessionaire of the installation, in the interest of the regularity of the operation, displayed in the stations and vehicles, as well as all other provisions that, in order to avoid accidents, were given by the agents of the installation.

In the event of a stoppage of the installation, which makes it necessary to rescue the passengers, they shall comply with the instructions that will be given by the cable car staff, refraining from any personal initiative, even when, due to particular conditions, any of them may feel that they can provide for the rescue of themselves and others by themselves.

Travelers shall be held accountable for the consequences of failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

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