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Cortina Bike Park


In Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti is part of the Veneto Bike Park circuit and develops in the area of Socrepes and in Tofana; it can be reached with our lifts and with the Freccia nel Cielo cable car with the very convenient departure from the center of Cortina Flow, old school and technical routes of varying difficulty, designed for beginners and experts, adrenaline lovers.

Ista Spa and Tofana Freccia Nel Cielo join forces! The objective? To unite all the trails on the two slopes to create a single Bike Park, the Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti, a strong and competitive tourist product competitive. With the aim of promoting together the world of gravity, downhill and mountain biking, the two companies will in fact create a single pass, thereby expanding the summer tourist offer and enhancing the Ampezzo area even more. The two slopes will in fact be united by the paths that connect Piè Tofana and Col Drusciè.

The official opening dates for the summer season are:

– on 2-3-4 June, the Cortina Ista SkiArea slope opens, which then closes for a few days and reopens on 8 June until the end of the season, the start is in Socrepes;
– on 10 June it will be the turn of the Tofana Freccia Nel Cielo slope, with the very convenient departure from the centre of Cortina.

summer 2024 news

In Col Drusciè, we are proud to introduce two new downhill trails for Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti: Lucifer and Cortinaline. These trails have been designed to offer a thrilling riding experience and make the Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti offerings even more exciting.

Lucifer: Adrenaline and Challenges for the Most Experienced

    • The most complete and best downhill track
    • Approximately 1.6 km in length
    • Natural trak with jumps and rock gardens
    • Black difficulty level

Lucifer, the first of the new trails, has been designed to test skills and offer an exciting challenge to thrill-seekers and technical ability lovers. Characterized by steep descents, tight curves, and natural obstacles that require skill and courage, Lucifer aims to become the new benchmark for experienced bikers looking to push their limits in a spectacular alpine environment. Stretching approximately 1,6 km, this trail promises to be a true test of agility and endurance. Additionally, the Italian Downhill Championships will be held on this track on July 20th and 21st.

Cortina Line: Return Track

  • Flow trail
  • Approximately 3 km
  • Includes fast sections and panoramic switchbacks
  • Includes jumps and banked turns
  • Blue difficulty level

Cortinaline will depart from the intermediate station of Colfiere and arrive at the starting station of Cortina; it has been designed to offer the opportunity to descend to the valley without getting off the bike. It can also be an opportunity to allow those who prefer a less extreme experience to approach the world of downhill. This route, approximately 3 km long, offers a gentler descent with moderate inclines and wide curves. Cortinaline allows riders to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment without the pressure of significant technical difficulties.


The Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti trails wind their way through the forests and meadows of the Socrepes and Tofana areas.
They are all accessible on our chair lifts and on the cable car Freccia nel Cielo with the convenient departure from town center.

Killer Rabbit

1,5 km

Flow trail for dynamic bikers looking for top speeds; with over 2 m parabolic turns, it is designed to be exhilarating but safe. Word is you can get up to 50 km/h!

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Eagle Eyes

600 m

Natural variant of the Killer Rabbit trail which winds its way through a larch forest. The type of trail means it is considered a sort of ‘mini-krampus’ for the less experienced or younger bikers.

G Force

1,8 km

Its name says it all. Flow trail on surfaces where you never need to touch your brakes. Think we’re kidding? It has 9 jumps of all types and the 27 parabolic turns make it very similar to a bobsleigh track.

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Fire Fox

700 m

Jump line in the forest with bumps, step ups and transfers measuring over 10 metres. Precisely 7 jumps, 3 of which are bumps and 4 doubles. Pure emotion.

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3 km

Very fast flow trail in the Rumerlo area with parabolic turns, step ups and transfers. As most of it is on meadows, this is the trail with the best open views over Cortina and the mountains around it.

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400 m

Natural variant of the Barbarian trail, built entirely by hand. A highly technical and unpredictable trail for bikers who enjoy a lively ride, suitable for downhill riding with steep sections that will get your adrenaline pumping.


1,3 km

An epic jump line trail. Fast, with parabolic turns, demanding jumps and a width of around 2 metres, this trail is best taken at high speed. It requires experience and maximum concentration.


600 m

This flow trail, which connects the Tofana Express with Piè Tofana, goes through forests and is suitable for everyone.


2,5 km

Natural, highly technical trail built by hand with steep sections on uneven ground, suitable for international endurance races and professional bike training. This tricky trail requires resourcefulness and quick reflexes.

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900 m

This is the most difficult trail in the Bike Park and is best tackled at breakneck speed, making it more suitable for expert, experienced riders. Purpose-built for downhill riding, it is wide, technical and fast and has an average gradient of 31%.


6 km

Flow trail starting at over 2000 metres of altitude with various double lines that is best tackled at high speed. Suitable for both beginners and racers. The complete route drops 800 metres to Socrepes. An epic trail immersed in nature with larch, Swiss and mountain pine trees; no technical skill is required but its length means it is classified difficult.

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Over The Top

2 km

Starting from Pomedes at 2300 metres, this mixed flow trail passes through some extreme terrain. It is a natural trail on stony ground with Dolomite panoramas as its backdrop.
Summer 2024.


2 km

This natural technical trail, which is also suitable for downhill riding, was the first one laid out in Cortina’s Bike Park. Woodland, roots and stones complete this must-try old school trail.

Tofana Super Trail

3,5 km

Natural flow trail with fast sections and more than 20 different types of jumps for daredevil riders. Pure adrenaline from the first metre to the last!

Ra Stries

2 km

Medium-difficulty trail with a hard and even surface for brilliant bikers; it delivers tons of fun with parabolic turns, some jumps and a couple of technical sections.


1,6 km

Designed to test skills and offer a compelling challenge to thrill-seekers and technique enthusiasts. Featuring steep descents, tight turns and natural obstacles that require skill and courage, it is the benchmark for experienced bikers.


3 km

Designed to offer the possibility to get to the valley without getting off the bike, it will start from the intermediate station in Colfiere and arrive at the starting station in Cortina. Suitable for those who prefer a less extreme experience to approach downhill.

route 409

Take the gondola from Cortina to Col Druscié, follow the Montanelli trail and, passing Crepe de Cianderou, continue on a more challenging route to Passo Posporcora and the Fanes waterfalls. You will reach Fiames where you can take the bike path towards Cortina.


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next opening: june 8!

See you in June!

The Tofana Freccia nel Cielo area is temporarily closed.
We look forward to seeing you from June 8, 2024 for another wonderful summer together!

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