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In the Tofana Freccia nel cielo mountain area in Cortina d’Ampezzo you will find many trails, to spend days in the open air surrounded by unspoilt nature. Routes suitable for all types of sportsmen and women, for the well-trained and for those who want to relax while admiring the breathtaking views.

Along the way, you can stop at our high-altitude refuges to savour the most typical flavours of the mountains amidst taste and zero-kilometre products. To reach the starting points of many itineraries, you can use the lifts open in summer.

"talking rocks" trail

Ascent time 50 minutes – Descent 35 minutes 

Location: Ra Valles

Destination: Ra Valles 

The “Talking Rocks Trail” is a one-of-a-kind path, a journey through the geological history of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Starting from an altitude of 2,475 meters and ending at 2,740 meters, this trail offers a breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The trail’s name derives from the extraordinary rock formations that are present along the path. These rocks, primarily composed of dolomite, seem to speak to visitors, telling stories of times past. Dolomite, the characteristic rock of the Dolomites, is famous for its white-gray color and its
ability to spectacularly reflect sunlight, creating unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Along the “Talking Rocks Trail,” visitors can closely observe the various dolomite formations, which seems natural sculptures shaped over millions of years. Some of these rock formations take on suggestive and evocative shapes, stimulating the imagination of visitors.

Every step along the “Talking Rocks Trail” is an opportunity to learn something new about the geology of the Dolomites and the history of the Earth. It’s an experience that combines the adventure of high-altitude hiking with the discovery of the natural and geological wonders of this
unique region. The “Talking Rocks Trail” is not just a trail but an open-air museum where the rocks speak and tell stories of ancient times. It is a place where nature and history blend, creating an unforgettable experience for all mountain and geology lovers. The goal of this trail is to further enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Besides stimulating tourist interest, the trail is designed to be an educational experience, allowing people to learn while enjoing nature and to approach it in a respectful and informed way. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the stories that the nature of Ra Valles has to tell through this engaging hiking trail that combines sport, culture, and fun.

Rescue Permafrost - Bus Tofana 2770 m Trail

Ascent time 50 minutes, descent 35 minutes. 

Location: Ra Valles

Destination: mountaintop station of the Pian Ra Valles – Ra Valles – Bus Tofana chairlift 

With the “Freccia nel Cielo” – departing directly from the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo, at Via Stadio No. 12, with parking facilities on-site – you first reach the Col Drusciè station at 1,777 m using the modern 10-person cable car. From here, you continue to Ra Valles at 2,475 m with the practical cable car. Once you reach the intermediate station, the stage is set with the UNESCO-signed peaks, leaving you breathless. Hence, we invite you to reach the mountaintop station of the Pian Ra Valles – Ra Valles – Bus Tofana chairlift on foot via a trail that starts from Ra Stradela, just outside the Capanna Ra Valles restaurant, leading you to an altitude of 2,770 m in 50 minutes. The trail features an exhibition with 12 informative panels: the first one is located right outside the Capanna Ra Valles restaurant, and following the entire itinerary, you reach the mountaintop station of the chairlift where the displayed panels perfectly describe the project and what has been achieved. At the same time, the spectacular, almost lunar panorama of the UNESCO high peaks, where the rocks seem to draw near, invites you to savor this unique beauty, camera in hand!

To return, you retrace your steps to Ra Valles, where, after a pleasant break at the Capanna Ra Valles restaurant, you can take the cable car back. Easily accessible for everyone. Elevation gain 300 m.


Trails 407 – 446 – 409 – 410

4 hours

Location: Cortina d’Ampezzo

Destination: Panoramic point

The Ra Zestes trail is a pleasant trekking route, almost all downhill, which starts from Ra Valles and allows you to enjoy the splendid scenery of the Ampezzo basin ampezzo valley along the walkways used by soldiers during the Great War.

Difficulty: E – Excursionist (Medium)

Family-friendly: No

Flat or slightly steep: No

With lifts: Yes

Points of interest: Grotta della Madonna – Indro Montanelli Bench – In Po’ Druscié and post Machine gun


Trails 410

1,5 hours

Location: Piè Tofana

Destination: Piè Tofana

Indro Montanelli, a well-known Italian writer and journalist, loved Cortina and “‘dated’ it like a girlfriend,” said Mario Oriani, who was his editor at Corriere della Sera.

The town of Cortina was his escape from Milan to find peace in the heart of nature among the green woods.

In particular, there is an easy and scenic trail that connects Col Druscié to Fiames and was named after him: the Montanelli Trail (No. 410).

In fact, the journalist loved to take long walks to relax, and along the trail you can find several benches and viewpoints where you can stop to rest and enjoy the view of the Ampezzo valley.

In particular, when you arrive at Crepe de Cianderou (1753 m), you will find the highest bench that he loved for the beautiful view of all of Cortina and the surrounding Dolomites. It is worth taking a break here and taking some photographs.

Length: 3km
Height difference: 20m
Difficulty: T suitable for children and families
Access: with the Freccia nel Cielo cable car
Support points: Rest. Col Druscié, Masi Wine bar Al Drusciè.

LAKE Ghedina

Trails 410 – 413

3 hours

Starting point: Col Druscié

Arrival: intermediate Col Drusciè or Cortina

Itinerary immersed in the woods to discover the famous Lake Ghedina, the green pearl of the Dolomites, starting from Col Druscié. Follow one of the Paths of the Universe and take the marked 410. It is worth taking a break at the restaurant with terrace overlooking the lake or relaxing on the deckchairs on the shore. For info, click here.

Forcella Rossa

Trail 407

2/3 hours uphill

Starting point: Ra Valles

Arrival: Col Drusciè

Challenging path to discover the historic Forcella Rossa slope (scree) starting from Ra Valles descending on path 407, passing through Pié Tofana and then rejoining Col Druscié where the cable car leaves for Cortina.


Trail 413

2 hours

Starting point: Col Druscié

Arrival: Cortina

Set off from Col Druscié descending along trail 413 to the start of the gondola for Cortina.


Trails 407 – 405

1.30 hours

Starting point: Col Druscié

Arrival: Pié Tofana

From the town centre: From the centre of Cortina, walk towards the Ice Stadium, Stadio del Ghiaccio, and carry on until you reach the Freccia nel Cielo cable car. Ride the cable car up to Col Drusciè and then take the rough track downhill: it starts below the tunnel between the Col Drusciè restaurant and the cable car. From here, take track n° 405, Sentiero dei Camosci – the Chamois Track – which starts below the lodge. The track zig-zags along the upper part of the “Canalone di Tofana” and also crosses the face of mount Tofana, following it until it reaches the “Forcella Rossa” piste and intersects track n° 407. In this part of the walk, if you are lucky, you may be able to see some of the chamois that live in this area. Take track n° 407 and follow it until you reach the starting point near Baita Piè Tofana. The baita, mountain hut, at the foot of the Tofane mountains, hosted the timekeepers for the 1956 Winter Olympics, and today it has become a traditional baita at the end of one of Cortina’s most famous ski pistes. 


The path of the planets

40 minutes

Starting point: Pié Tofana

Arrival: Col Druscié

It is an easy walk to discover the solar system and its planets along the first part of the Col Druscié Astroring. Along the route that connects Pié Tofana to Col Druscié, 12 boards have been placed with photos of the various planets and the Sun, all arranged at a distance which, on a 1/10 billion scale, reflects their real size and position in the sky. Illustrations with the main data and parameters that distinguish the various celestial bodies from each other, make the Path of the Planets a walk out of the ordinary and suitable for everyone, which ends after about 1km at the Helmut Ullrich astronomical observatory. We recommend the passage to the heart-shaped emerald lake between Piè Tofana and Col Druscié.

The path of the universe

30 minutes

Starting point: Col Drusciè

Arrival: Col Drusciè

It is the second part of the Astroring, traced in the wood to the north-west of the hill, about 500 meters long, easily covered on foot. Always having the Col Druscié Observatory as a point of reference, it allows the visitor to ideally retrace the whole universe, both in space and in time.
Along the path, 10 explanatory panels gradually illustrate the main characteristics of stars, nebulae, clusters and galaxies, all related to the familiar dimensional scale of 1/10 billion, already used for the Path of the Planets.
The path can be traveled in both directions, both from the base upwards, thus starting the imaginary journey from the Big Bang, which represents the creation of the Universe, up to the present day, then to the Sun, positioned at the observatory, or, vice versa, with a journey backwards in time and space.


The Cima Giuly Trail

40 minutes

Starting point: Ra Valles

Arrival: Ra Valles

The route starts from Capanna Ra Valles and leads to Cima Giuly and is dedicated to Giulia Ramelli, a Venetian ski instructor and mountaineer who tragically died in an avalanche on the afternoon of 11 January 2023, on the slopes of Mount Nuvolao. To the south, the trail offers a panoramic view of the Ampezzo basin, Antelao, Sorapis and the 5 Torri, as well as the Socrepes ski fields; turning north, one can admire the splendid Ra Valles basin and the majesty of the Tofana di Mezzo. In the summer, the trail is easy to walk and does not require any special mountaineering equipment, making it suitable for everyone.

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