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Indro Montanelli Bench

Indro Montanelli, a well-known Italian writer and journalist, loved Cortina and “‘dated’ it like a girlfriend,” said Mario Oriani, who was his editor at Corriere della Sera.

The town of Cortina was his escape from Milan to find peace in the heart of nature among the green woods.

In particular, there is an easy and scenic trail that connects Col Druscié to Fiames and was named after him: the Montanelli Trail (No. 410).

In fact, the journalist loved to take long walks to relax, and along the trail you can find several benches and viewpoints where you can stop to rest and enjoy the view of the Ampezzo valley.

In particular, when you arrive at Crepe de Cianderou (1753 m), you will find the highest bench that he loved for the beautiful view of all of Cortina and the surrounding Dolomites. It is worth taking a break here and taking some photographs.

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