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The lifts, restaurants, facilities and amenities at Tofana – Freccia nel Cielo are equipped to be accessible to disabled persons.

The disabled person and his or her companion benefit from a 20 percent discount on the regular gondola end cable car ticket.

Learn about the accessible facilities:

The use of the cable car, which quickly rises in altitude with sudden changes in both oxygen and temperature, is not recommended for pregnant women in the last trimester of gestation who are advised not to exceed 800 meters in altitude, unless they are used to it. Therefore, it is recommended to use common sense and follow your doctor’s advice.

Those with heart and/or blood pressure problems are strongly discouraged from taking the cable car up to Ra Valles (2470 m) or Cima Tofana (3244 m); instead, it is possible to stop at Col Druscié, which at 1778 m causes no problems. There may be differences from case to case, but in general it is recommended that you use the rule your common sense, not to take unnecessary risks, and follow the advice of your attending physician.

Yes, and they ride it for free, as long as you have them on a leash and with a muzzle (muzzle only necessary in the two cable cars because it’s a small place to share with other people). Owners are held responsible for their animals behavior.

Common sense always applies. Clothing and equipment appropriate for high altitudes and in accordance with the season is recommended. Even in summer above 2,000 meters the temperature can be very low and there can be sudden weather changes.

The following are always recommended for visitors and hikers: hiking boots or walking shoes and a wind jacket.

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The Tofana Freccia nel Cielo area is temporarily closed.
We look forward to seeing you from June 8, 2024 for another wonderful summer together!

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